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Identify your strengths and unlock your full potential

Each individual is a unique and complex structure where the mastery of motor and physical intelligence promotes effective decision-making and better adaptation in highly challenging environments. Sparks’ approach is an innovative diagnosis of the neuromotor capacities of each individuals. Through our unique evidence based approach, we create tailor-made protocols to allow everyone to reveal their strengths and thus unleash their full potential in any given context.


Identify individual motor and cognitive decision making patterns.


Explore natural preferences and identify settings for talent development.


Develop strategies for individual and collective expression.


Improve self-knowledge and knowledge of others to streamline communications and team management based on individual needs.


“I think because I move”

The first decision is to move

Motor intelligence is the first in our evolution to take place. Postural preferences are the equivalent of our fingerprints for our movements. This approach makes it possible to determine the dominant muscular coordination specific to the static and dynamic posture of each individual. By understanding how his body moves we shed light on the deep structures of behavior necessary for any decision.

A Posture for a just right decision.

The Sparks approach is based on a set of postural tests used daily in nearly a hundred paramedical practices to relieve postural pain in patients.

Simple and ergonomic, they can be used in the world of sport and business to detect individual postural and behavioral preferences.

By identifying areas of non-preference, we can avoid putting the body in a situation of tension and thus avoid injuries. Knowing your profile in a stressful situation offers the opportunity to identify the emotional reactions that limit decisions.

In a limited time, our experts can create a complete mapping of the personality types of a team and define an optimised collective and managerial strategy.

Neuromotor behaviour profiles

Identifying natural talent

Answering a questionnaire can sometimes seem biased by psychological filters such as context, objectives, fears, expectations… while the body does not lie! Indeed, the first decision of the human being is to move.
By identifying the body’s moving structures, we can shed light on the person’s decision-making structures.

Through the various postural and dynamic tests, we detect the preferential strategies of the body to move and of the mind to decide. All of these tests are then grouped together in a personalised profile allowing everyone to know their individual mode of operation within their personal and professional environment.


determines the preferential tonic postures used by the body to organise the static structure. They also indicate the natural preferences of attention, revealing the deep needs of the individual in his search for security.

By listening to how our body balances itself, we find the keys to bodily and mental states of balance.


determines the motor programs used by the body to construct an organised gesture. They will make it possible to understand the processing of information used to make mental decisions. These programs are the natural talents of each individual. Their full expressions release confidence and motivation.

By discovering how our body moves, we find the decision-making strategies of gestures and our behaviors.


“The body does not lie”

Stress and fatigue are management elements of our modern daily lives. The regulatory system of these states is the ANS, conductor of the regulations of our organism.

Its fundamental position gives it a major role in our survival and socialisation behaviours. Diagnosis of the autonomic nervous system allows monitoring of resources and internal states of individuals (- fatigue, stress and availability for effort.

By evaluating the difference between 2 heartbeats (cardiac variability) our algorithm detects the state of stress and fatigue by a quantified measure towards an optimisation of individual well-being.

Take the pulse of your teams

PS: Our material has no medical purpose but has been validated by rigorous scientific and medical processes. We respect GDPR standards and do not transmit the measurements made on people


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Collective assessment
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Professional athletes, top executives, health workers and coaching specialists

Benoit Telleria
Benoit TelleriaFormer European Tour player and coach for the French Golf team
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“At first I was just curious and wanted to understand what the Sparks method was all about. The benefits for me are learning to understand how people move, what the tendencies are and how to avoid putting people in boxes. As a player, I also understood that my way of moving and adapting to a specific situation had to come naturally Emotional triggers meant that my vision tended to change, therefore creating a lack of precision. As a coach, my mission is to get my team moving in the right direction, wherever they feel most comfortable. The method has given me insight as to how each individual functions, both mentally and physically.
Alex Portal
Alex PortalFrench handisport swimmer. Representing France at the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games

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"It's been two years since we began using the method and it's amazing what it teaches us about ourselves. When I'm under stress, my spine strains. This affected my performance and I was much less efficient in the water. If my body is physically blocked due to stress, it has a negative impact on my mind. I feel that since the process started, I’ve learned to relax and loosen up. This is important to me as my vision is impaired which can create stress and block both my nervous system and my back. The Sparks method has taught me to understand my body and tune in to my physical efforts."
Virgile Klauder
Virgile Klauder
Former professional boxer and coach in contact sports, twice French champion in Thai boxing - Smartboxing.com
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"Discovering and learning about mental preparation was a real eye-opener. It’s an essential part of high-level sports and has become the core of my training. I understood how the body and the mind are linked. Being able to manage my emotions and knowing which motor points to rely on with the use of the HRV has allowed me to redesign my boxing training. I can know analyse my opponents with an objective outlook, bring out my natural preferences, highlight my strengths and weaknesses and finally free my potential. My body knew it but my head didn’t yet ! This method was also successful due to the trust built between us.
CEOInternational retail group

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"Our experience was truly enriching both on a personal, collective and managerial level. Thanks to this unique apporach and the ongoing support, we have successfully created our « Team One ». We learnt to speak a common language in order to perform at our best and to be a strong team with an effective impact. The Sparks method allowed us to get to know each other in depth which has increased our performance as a collective. Knowing each other's profiles and motivations has also allowed us to move towards a more stimulating and fulfilling daily work environment.

Instant analysis of body movement strategies.

Detailed report on individual strategies for activation, coordination and excellence.



Creating a personal plan to achieve success.